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Welcome to my portfolio! This page contains a selection of my work in the fields of writing, photo retouching, video editing, and game/graphic design.

About Me

I have developed a variety of skills both through my consulting work for nature publishing company Nature Nearby and through my efforts in designing, publishing, and selling tabletop games as Phantom Knight Games. These skills include Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere, and InDesign, research journalism, script writing, WordPress, Facebook Pages, cross-discipline collaboration, and managing a convention presence.

In 2014, I graduated cum laude from Santa Clara University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Theatre Arts, winning both the Justin T. McCarthy Oratory Award and an Outstanding Achievement in Playwriting Award. I was also selected twice to have a full-length play read in the college’s New Works Festival. Other courses included qualitative experiment design, digital art and graphic design, journalism, and directing.

My most recent accomplishment is placing 2nd in the Great Designer Search 3, a Magic: The Gathering card design competition sponsored by Wizards of the Coast that drew almost 8000 entrants. Performing well in the contest meant creating cards that met the judges’ exacting design standards, appealed to a broad audience, and pushed the boundaries of what the game could do. I also managed a small team of playtesters to help polish and iterate my card files each round. As a result of the competition, I was invited to create a prepackaged “Brawl” deck, which was received well by the player base.

In my spare time, I enjoy pinball, baking, and patronizing excellent restaurants.

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Photo Editing

Flying Mother Hummingbird
Before and after photos of a flying mother hummingbird. Photo © Anne M Rosenthal.
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Video Editing

Games and Graphic Design

Happy Daggers rulebook
A page from the rulebook for Happy Daggers, my Shakespeare-themed combat game.
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Contact Me

E-mail: jpgeist (at) gmail (dot) com